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Nzyme collects 802.11 management frames directly from the air and sends them to a Graylog (Open Source log management) setup for WiFi IDS, monitoring, and incident response. It only needs a JVM and a WiFi adapter that supports monitor mode. 10/03/2017


Snakes from the classical game are controlled by neural networks and evolve using a genetic algorithm. 09/17/2017


A better commenting experience from Mozilla, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. 09/07/2017


cluster data collected from production clusters in Alibaba for cluster management research 09/06/2017


Best GitHub stars, repositories tagger and organizer. Search over projects from Github, Bitbucket, Google Code, Codeplex, Sourceforge, Fedora Project, GitLab to find real-world usage variable names 09/06/2017


⚗️ Extract a color palette from Sketch images 09/06/2017


Python package with source code from the course "Creative Applications of Deep Learning w/ TensorFlow" 09/06/2017


Payara Server is derived from GlassFish Server Open Source Edition and 100% open source 08/25/2017


Chrome extension which blocks requests to sites which have used legal threats to remove themselves from other blacklists. 08/12/2017


fangle creates interactive pages from plain text 08/05/2017

Git hunter - best free github source code