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An encrypted IPv6 network using public-key cryptography for address allocation and a distributed hash table for routing. 10/29/2017


A collection about awesome blockchains - open distributed public databases w/ crypto hashes incl. git ;-). Blockchains are the new tulips :tulip::tulip::tulip:. Distributed is the new centralized. 09/30/2017


A Go library that implements Consistent Hashing and Consistent Hashing With Bounded Loads. 06/11/2017


Tile38 is a fast geolocation data store, spatial index, and realtime geofence. It supports a variety of object types including lat/lon points, bounding boxes, XYZ tiles, Geohashes, and GeoJSON. 🌐 12/30/2016


Basic libraries all written in c by gozfree, including network, event, config, log, hash, ipc, rpc, mem, and so on 08/22/2016


Go Data Structures. Containers, Sets, Lists, Stacks, Maps, Trees, HashSet, TreeSet, ArrayList, SinglyLinkedList, DoublyLinkedList, LinkedListStack, ArrayStack, HashMap, TreeMap, RedBlackTree, BinaryHeap, Comparator, Iterator, Enumerable, Sort 06/27/2016


Minimal presentation tool for Android, perfect for using Takahashi method 06/05/2016

Git hunter - best free github source code