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A free and open source web deployment system based on Laravel 5.5 09/30/2017


A fully-dynamic voxel-based global illumination system for Unity 09/20/2017


rVMI - A New Paradigm For Full System Analysis 09/19/2017


Use of Laravel framework to achieve the user ecosystem. (基于 Laravel 开发的用户生态系统。) 09/06/2017


Open source 00% secure operating system, fully airgapped, RAM filesystem. This is the oldest prototype, newer versions have become closed source. Depends on Cosmos being installed. 09/04/2017


Pebble app that generates suggestions for nearby places based on category chosen. Also features a beacon system for businesses: start a server with some formatted text menus for example, the beacon will get picked up by OverHere and the watch will display your menu. 09/03/2017


Ferret is a free software Clojure implementation for real time embedded control systems. 08/08/2017


react-admin system solution : react 后台管理系统解决方案 08/04/2017

Git hunter - best free github source code