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PetrochukM/PyTorch-NLP Supporting Rapid Prototyping with a Toolkit (incl. Datasets and Neural Network Layers) 355


KonradIT/gopro-py-api Unofficial GoPro API Library for Python - connect to HERO3/3+/4/5/+/6 via WiFi. 437


FutunnOpen/futuquant 富途量化平台 API 362


JorgeCastilloPrz/hiroaki Write idiomatic API integration tests using Kotlin (Unit and Instrumentation) 110


nanopack/shaman Small, lightweight, api-driven dns server. 132


UnaPibaGeek/ctfr Abusing Certificate Transparency logs for getting HTTPS websites subdomains. 265


scoutapp/ruby_server_timing Bring Rails server-side performance metrics 📈 to Chrome''s Developer Tools via the Server Timing API. Production Safe™. 105


pilagod/js-tracker A chrome extension tracks front-end JavaScript that uses DOM / jQuery APIs to manipulate html dom elements (e.g., change style, attach event listener) at runtime. 203


KhronosGroup/MoltenVK MoltenVK is an implementation of the high-performance, industry-standard Vulkan graphics and compute API, that runs on Apple''s Metal graphics framework, bringing Vulkan compatibility to iOS and macOS. 177


kennethreitz/twitter-scraper Scrape the Twitter Frontend API without authentication. 108


bradley/Blotter A JavaScript API for drawing unconventional text effects on the web. 1257


apex/gateway Drop-in replacement for Go net/http when running in AWS Lambda & API Gateway 64


spatie/laravel-query-builder Easily build Eloquent queries from API requests 191


graphcool/prisma ⚡️ Prisma turns your database into a realtime GraphQL API 4707


github-tools/github A higher-level wrapper around the Github API. Intended for the browser. 3305


TykTechnologies/tyk Tyk Open Source API Gateway written in Go 2772


gin-gonic/gin Gin is a HTTP web framework written in Go (Golang). It features a Martini-like API with much better performance -- up to 40 times faster. If you need smashing performance, get yourself some Gin. 14102


vulnersCom/nmap-vulners NSE script based on Vulners.com API 278


gaojiuli/toapi Every web site provides APIs. 797


benmarten/CryptoETF Portfolio Overview Tool for Your CryptoCoin Capitalization-Weighted Portfolio. 101


romainguy/kotlin-math Set of Kotlin APIs to make graphics math easier to write 89


dbohdan/automatic-api A list of software that turns your database into a REST/GraphQL API 234


brookshi/Hitchhiker a Restful Api test tool 919


gocolly/colly Fast and Elegant Scraping Framework for Golang 3083


swift-server/http Repository for the development of cross-platform HTTP APIs 307


Git hunter - best free github source code