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Git hunter - best free github source code basic

mbahadou/postenum Postenum is a clean, nice and easy tool for basic/advanced privilege escalation techniques. Postenum tool is intended to be executed locally on a Linux box. 38


AlbertoMontalesi/The-complete-guide-to-modern-JavaScript A short, easy-to-follow ebook to learn everything from the basics of JavaScript to ES2019. Read more on my blog or buy it here 428


reactjs/react-basic A description of the conceptual model of React without implementation burden. 2728


zotroneneis/machine_learning_basics Plain python implementations of basic machine learning algorithms 97


wilfredinni/python-cheatsheet Basic cheatsheet for Python 171


electerious/basicScroll Standalone parallax scrolling for mobile and desktop with CSS variables. 671


borela/naomi Sublime Text enhanced syntax highlighting for JavaScript ES6/ES7/ES2015/ES2016/ES2017+, Babel, FlowType, React JSX, Styled Components, HTML5, SCSS3...


Gigacore/React-Redux-Sass-Starter Everything you need to get started with a basic React application 112


RisingStack/risingstack-bootcamp This is the Node.js Bootcamp we ask new recruits at RisingStack to finish in their first weeks. It helps to get the basics right, and prepare you to work on enterprise projects. 218


claviska/shoelace-css A back to the basics CSS starter kit. 537


kosua20/herebedragons A basic 3D scene implemented with various engines, frameworks or APIs. 135


wcharczuk/go-chart go chart is a basic charting library in native golang. 1274


DutchGraa/crackcoin Very basic blockchain-free cryptocurrency PoC in Python 130


farice/ARShooter A basic Augmented Reality shooter made with ARKit in Swift (iOS 11) 285


hunkim/DeepLearningZeroToAll TensorFlow Basic Tutorial Labs 961


kolodny/exercises Some basic javascript coding challenges and interview questions 3296


wmmihaa/Introduction-to-Node.js This training course will help you discover how the Node framework can help you write server-side code and build lightweight, scalable network applications. The course is an open source and covering everything from the basics of using JavaScript and Node.js to how to use it with cloud services like Azure Service Bus, Web sites and even in IoT scenarios. 101


vesche/basicRAT python remote access trojan 173


jakubnabrdalik/gitkurwa A sample project containing usefull verbose aliases, for those who feel lost and angry at git. Basically for those Polish folks, who scream "Git, kurwa!". 668


southpeak/Minya A simple basic hierarchy for iOS development with Objective-C. It is based on MVCS and KVO. 109


icrtiou/coursera-ML use numpy and tensorflow to implement these basic ML model and learning algorithm 101


EderSantana/awesomeMLmath Curated list to learn the math basics for machine learning 63


gozfree/libraries Basic libraries all written in c by gozfree, including network, event, config, log, hash, ipc, rpc, mem, and so on 225


amitkaps/hackermath Introduction to Statistics and Basics of Mathematics for Data Science - The Hacker''s Way 81


jgthms/web-design-in-4-minutes Learn basics of web design in 4 minutes 251


Git hunter - best free github source code