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urbanguac/cyos Open source 100% secure operating system, fully airgapped, RAM filesystem. This is the oldest prototype, newer versions have become closed source. Depends on Cosmos being installed. 1


bastikr/QuantumOptics.jl Library for the numerical simulation of closed as well as open quantum systems. 93


xcatliu/typescript-tutorial :closed_book: TypeScript 入门教程 227


Freeyourgadget/Gadgetbridge A free and cloudless replacement for your gadget vendors'' closed source Android applications. Pebble and Mi Band supported. 730


postlight/awesome-cms 📚 A collection of open and closed source Content Management Systems (CMS) for your perusal. 131


dotse/PacketQ A tool that provides a basic SQL-frontend to PCAP-files. Outputs JSON, CSV and XML and includes a build-in webserver with JSON-api and a nice looking AJAX GUI. THIS...


Git hunter - best free github source code