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isocpp/CppCoreGuidelines The C++ Core Guidelines are a set of tried-and-true guidelines, rules, and best practices about coding in C...


googlecreativelab/teachable-machine Explore how machine learning works, live in the browser. No coding required. 72


alibaba/Alibaba-Java-Coding-Guidelines A guide for Java developers 113


alibaba/p3c Alibaba Java Coding Guidelines pmd implements and IDE plugin 159


Viber/build-a-bot-with-zero-coding An example of using Google Sheets to create a Viber survey chat bot without a backend server 150


jiqizhixin/ML-Tutorial-Experiment Coding the Machine Learning Tutorial for Learning to Learn 130


google/songbird Spatial Audio Encoding on the Web 304


greydanus/crypto-rnn Decoding Polyalphabetic Ciphers with Recurrent Neural Networks 31


Kristories/awesome-guidelines A curated list of high quality coding style conventions and standards. 278


urbint/cortex The intelligent coding assistant for Elixir 65


JessYanCoding/ProgressManager Listen the progress of downloading and uploading in Okhttp (compatible Retrofit and Glide). 274


codingupastorm/vadersharp Sentiment analysis using VADER with C# 72


leandromoreira/digital_video_introduction A hands-on introduction to video technology: image, video, codec (av1, h264, h265) and more (ffmpeg encoding). 1521


JessYanCoding/MVPArmsTemplate A template for Android Studio to create MVPArms Page 63


chaosbot/chaos A social coding experiment that updates its own code democratically 932


Checkmarx/Go-SCP Go programming language secure coding practices guide 148


JessYanCoding/MVPArms A common Architecture for Android Applications developing based on MVP,integrates many Open Source Projects( like Dagger2,Rxjava,Retrofit... ),to make your developing quicker and easier. 1603


kolodny/exercises Some basic javascript coding challenges and interview questions 3296


hackclub/hackclub Hack Club is the worldwide movement of free student-led coding clubs 729


LoranWong/Android-Code-Style A common Android coding style , you can apply it in your own Android group. 可在组内推行的Android代码规范 180


donnemartin/interactive-coding-challenges Continually updated, interactive, test-driven Python coding interview challenges (algorithms and data structures). 3220


jwasham/coding-interview-university A complete computer science study plan to become a software engineer. 36629


terkelg/awesome-creative-coding 🎨 Creative Coding, Generative Art, Interaction Design, Resources. 323


zhanghang1989/Deep-Encoding Deep Texture Encoding Network 73


michelpereira/gamesofcoding A curated list of games that can teach you how to learn a programming language. 293


Git hunter - best free github source code