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lindb/lindb LinDB is a scalable, high performance, high availability distributed time series database. 826


YugaByte/yugabyte-db The high-performance distributed SQL database for global, internet-scale apps. 1409


cube2222/octosql OctoSQL is a query tool that allows you to join, analyse and transform data from multiple databases and file formats using SQL. 617


colinjfw/sqlkit SQL builder and powerful database toolkit for Golang 47


SteinHQ/Stein Use Google Sheets as your no-setup database 372


guyueyingmu/avbook AV电影管理系统, avmoo 、javbus 爬虫,线上AV影片图书馆,AV磁力链接数据库,Japanese Adult Video Library,Adult Video Magnet Links - Japanese Adult Video Database 337


jeffknupp/sandman2 Automatically generate a RESTful API service for your legacy database. No code required! 1179


Protoqol/Prequel Laravel Prequel. Clear and concise database management. Now available for beta testing! 118


eleme/lindb A scalable, distributed, high performance, high availability Time Series Database. 59


lob/pg_insights Convenient SQL for monitoring Postgres database health. 56


Workiva/eva A distributed database-system implementing an entity-attribute-value data-model that is time-aware, accumulative, and atomically consistent 269


RedisLabsModules/redis-graph A graph database as a Redis module 103


swilly22/redis-graph A graph database with Cypher query language as a Redis module 315


tpope/vim-db Modern database interface for Vim 564


Restream/reindexer Embeddable, in-memory, document-oriented database with a high-level Query builder interface. 158


graphcool/prisma ⚡️ Prisma turns your database into a realtime GraphQL API 4707


hypertrack/hyperlog-android A utility logger library for storing a logs into database and push them to remote server for debugging. 115


dbohdan/automatic-api A list of software that turns your database into a REST/GraphQL API 234


openblockchains/awesome-blockchains A collection about awesome blockchains - open distributed public databases w/ crypto hashes incl. git ;-). Blockchains are the new tulips :tulip::tulip::...


coreos/bbolt An embedded key/value database for Go. 62


zalandoresearch/fashion-mnist A MNIST-like fashion product database. Benchmark :point_right: 100


axibase/atsd-use-cases Axibase Time Series Database: Usage Examples and Research Articles 278


kreeben/resin Embedded zero config NoSQL database and search engine with concurrent read/write. 214


williballenthin/python-idb Pure Python parser and analyzer for IDA Pro database files (.idb). 92


probcomp/bayeslite BayesDB on SQLite. A Bayesian database table for querying the probable implications of data as easily as SQL databases query the data itself. 523


Git hunter - best free github source code