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wonderunit/storyboarder Storyboarder makes it easy to visualize a story as fast you can draw stick figures. 1006


higgsfield/RL-Adventure Pytorch easy-to-follow step-by-step Deep Q Learning tutorial with clean readable code. 42


GoogleCloudPlatform/skaffold Easy and Repeatable Kubernetes Development 377


higgsfield/Capsule-Network-Tutorial Pytorch easy-to-follow Capsule Network tutorial 198


facebook/Docusaurus Easy to maintain open source documentation websites. 3590


Lision/LSAnimator Easy to Read and Write Multi-chain Animations Kit in Objective-C and Swift. 272


cypress-io/cypress Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser. 3052


easyworld/PlayJumpJumpWithMouse 用鼠标玩微信跳一跳 69


xreader/git-for-humans Git wrapper. Make complex git tasks easy 124


liiight/notifiers The easy way to send notifications 131


KrauseFx/detect.location An easy way to access the user''s iOS location data without actually having access 281


zhou-you/RxEasyHttp 本库是一款基于RxJava2+Retrofit2实现简单易用的网络请求框架,结合android平台特性的网络封装库,采用api链式调用一点到底,集成cookie管理,多种缓存模式,极简https配置,上传下载进度显示,请求错误自动重试,请求携带token、时间戳、签名...


salomonelli/best-resume-ever :necktie: :briefcase: Build fast :rocket: and easy multpile beautiful resumes and create your best CV ever! Made with Vue and LESS. 174


easy-mock/easy-mock 一个可视化, 并且能快速生成模拟数据的持久化服务. 1093


zackchase/mxnet-the-straight-dope An interactive book on deep learning. Much easy, so MXNet. Wow. 515


xl-tech/OpenVPN-easy-setup Bash script for easy and fast OpenVPN deploy 42


dthree/ad Making Active Directory jQuery-easy 259


ethanhua/Skeleton A library provide a easy way to show skeleton loading view like facebook and alipay 107


zeeshanu/learn-regex Learn regex the easy way 546


Ninja-z/JianLiao a simple social contact and make talk more easy. 78


ahmadawais/Gutenberg-Boilerplate ⚡️ WordPress Gutenberg Boilerplate! — Easy to understand and heavily documented! 🎩 43


easychen/catgate CatGate is a small crawler framework based on Chrome extension . CatGate是一个基于浏览器插件的数据抓取工具。做成浏览器插件无需模拟登入,能æœ...


Qihoo360/RePlugin RePlugin - A flexible, stable, easy-to-use Android Plug-in Framework 780


PSD-Company/duo-navigation-drawer A flexible, easy to use, unique drawer library for your Android project. 243


flutter/flutter Flutter makes it easy and fast to build beautiful mobile apps. 5263


Git hunter - best free github source code