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JasonEtco/actions-toolkit 🛠 A toolkit for building GitHub Actions in Node.js 432


datawhalechina/pumpkin-book 《机器学习》(西瓜书)公式推导解析,在线阅读地址: 8313...


mml-book/ Companion webpage to the book "Mathematics For Machine Learning" 2927


github/gitignore A collection of useful .gitignore templates 88434


justauth/JustAuth :100: 史上最全的整合第三方登录的开源库。目前已支持Github、Gitee、微博、钉钉、百度、Coding、...


No-Github/Digital-Privacy 一个关于数字隐私搜集、保护、清理集一体的方案 152...


datawhalechina/leeml-notes 李宏毅《机器学习》笔记,在线阅读地址: 522


segeljakt/vim-silicon Vim plugin for generating images of source code using 92


ZyqGitHub1/h-player-v2 资源采集站在线播放 174


LibrePDF/OpenPDF OpenPDF is a free Java library for creating and editing PDF files with a LGPL and MPL open source license. OpenPDF is based on a fork of iText. We welcome contributions...


dvassallo/github-to-ec2-pipeline A GitHub-to-EC2 CI/CD template using CodeBuild and CodeDeploy. 155


MohamadKh75/ShutHub ShutHub = Shut Up + GitHub 61


bkhezry/FuckYouGithub Fuck You Github 230


1995parham/github-do-not-ban-us Github do not ban us from open source world :iran: 140


chdsbd/kodiak 🔮 A bot to automatically update and merge GitHub PRs 164


BishopFox/GitGot Semi-automated, feedback-driven tool to rapidly search through troves of public data on GitHub for sensitive secrets. 193


luckybilly/SmartSwipe An android library to make swipe more easier and more powerful. 137


CarGuo/GSYFlutterDemo 不同于 GSYGithubAppFlutter 完整项目,本项目将逐步完善各种 Flutter 独立例子,方便新手学习上手和小问题方案解决。 目前开始逐步补全完善,主要提供一些有用或者有趣的例子,如果你也有好例子,环境提交 PR 。 391...


zhaoolee/StarsAndClown ☀️Github星聚弃疗榜, 让吃瓜群众也能享受Github带来的乐趣~Github StarsAndClown, Let the people who eat me can enjoy the fun of Github~ 1119


matomo-org/matomo Liberating Web Analytics. Star us on Github? +1. Matomo is the leading open alternative to Google Analytics that gives you full...


kennethreitz/legit Git for Humans, Inspired by GitHub for Macâ„¢. 4891


ontio/ontology Official Go implementation of the Ontology protocol. 108


tipsy/profile-summary-for-github Tool for visualizing GitHub profiles 17727


aleksandar-todorovic/awesome-c Continuing the development of awesome-c list on GitHub 1066


kevingo/system-design-primer-zh-tw system-design-primer 繁體中文翻譯計畫。原作者: 365


Git hunter - best free github source code