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Git hunter - best free github source code guide

egoist/node-vs-deno A Deno guide for Node.js developers 57


xxxgod/Java-DevGuide make a guide to learn java 50


piotrwitek/react-redux-typescript-guide The complete guide to static typing in "React & Redux" apps using TypeScript 6749


hoanhan101/ultimate-go Ultimate Go study guides, with heavily documented code and programs analysis all in 1 place 1518


google/gts ☂️ TypeScript style guide, formatter, and linter. 1703


lonelygo/Shift-AI-models-to-real-world-products Share some useful guides and references about how to shift AI models to real world products or projects. 82


OWASP/Go-SCP Go programming language secure coding practices guide 2629


StabilityMan/StabilityGuide 【稳定大于一切】打造国内稳定性领域知识库,让无法解决的问题少一点,让世界的确定性多一点。 184


mattm/sql-style-guide An opinionated guide for writing clean, maintainable SQL. 223


nbei/Deep-Flow-Guided-Video-Inpainting pytorch implementation for "Deep Flow-Guided Video Inpainting"(CVPR''19) 562


veorq/cryptocoding Guidelines for low-level cryptography software 324


AlbertoMontalesi/The-complete-guide-to-modern-JavaScript A short, easy-to-follow ebook to learn everything from the basics of JavaScript to ES2019. Read more on my blog or buy it here 428


PapyElGringo/material-shell New shell for Gnome following the Material-design guidelines. Proposing a performant and simple opinionated mouse/keyboard workflow to increase daily productivity and comfort 208


CyC2018/CS-Notes :books: Tech Interview Guide 技术面试必备基础知识、Leetcode 题解、Java、C++、Python、后端面试、操作系统、计算机网络、系统设计 68823


texmacs/texmacs Source Code of GNU TeXmacs, Developers Guide ==> 167


openblockchains/programming-blockchains-step-by-step Programming Blockchains Step-by-Step book / guide. Let''s build blockchains from scratch (zero) step by step. Let''s start with crypto...


freach/kubernetes-security-best-practice Kubernetes Security - Best Practice Guide 405


Stadicus/guides Cryptocurrency guides by Stadicus 53


cube-ui/cube-application-guide A guild for cube-ui application 82


isocpp/CppCoreGuidelines The C++ Core Guidelines are a set of tried-and-true guidelines, rules, and best practices about coding in C++ 17417


hexacta/didact A DIY guide to build your own React 234


drduh/YubiKey-Guide Guide to using YubiKey as a SmartCard for GPG and SSH 1580


minimaxir/hacker-news-undocumented This list details some of the hidden norms about Hacker News not otherwise covered in the Guidelines and the FAQ. 385


kjaisingh/high-school-guide-to-machine-learning Being a high schooler myself and having studied Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for a year now, I believe that there fails to exist a learning path in this field for High School students. This is my attempt at creating one. 203


frizb/OSCP-Survival-Guide Kali Linux Offensive Security Certified Professional Survival Exam Guide 305


Git hunter - best free github source code