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huggingface/swift-coreml-transformers Swift Core ML 3 implementations of GPT-2 and BERT for Question answering. Other Transformers coming soon! 586


microsoft/STL MSVC''s implementation of the C++ Standard Library. 1848


p-christ/Deep-Reinforcement-Learning-Algorithms-with-PyTorch PyTorch implementations of deep reinforcement learning algorithms and environments 740


harvardnlp/pytorch-struct A library of vectorized implementations of core structured prediction algorithms (HMM, Dep Trees, CKY, ..,) 156


caelunshun/feather An experimental Minecraft server implementation in Rust 122


lumen/lumen An alternative BEAM implementation, designed for WebAssembly 378


railgun-rs/actix-raft An implementation of the Raft consensus protocol using the actix Actor framework. 97


itchyny/gojq Pure Go implementation of jq 166


seemoo-lab/opendrop An open Apple AirDrop implementation written in Python 1755


alpersonalwebsite/erc721-smart-contract DApp with custom implementation of ERC-721 52


znxlwm/UGATIT-pytorch Official PyTorch implementation of U-GAT-IT: Unsupervised Generative Attentional Networks with Adaptive Layer-Instance Normalization for Image-to-Image Translation 219


taki0112/UGATIT Official Tensorflow implementation of U-GAT-IT: Unsupervised Generative Attentional Networks with Adaptive Layer-Instance Normalization ...


PaddlePaddle/ERNIE An Implementation of ERNIE For Language Understanding (including Pre-training models and Fine-tuning tools) 1722


ethereum/lahja Lahja is a generic multi process event bus implementation written in Python 3.6+ to enable lightweight inter-process communication, based on non-blocking asyncio 241


nbei/Deep-Flow-Guided-Video-Inpainting pytorch implementation for "Deep Flow-Guided Video Inpainting"(CVPR''19) 562


facebookresearch/dlrm An implementation of a deep learning recommendation model (DLRM) 350


graykode/xlnet-Pytorch Simple XLNet implementation with Pytorch Wrapper 100


mgechev/javascript-algorithms JavaScript implementation of different computer science algorithms. 5307


swiftwebui/SwiftWebUI A demo implementation of SwiftUI for the Web 89


nathanhubens/Learning-Rate Implementation of Learning Rate Finder, SGDR and Cyclical Learning Rate in Keras 108


CSAILVision/semantic-segmentation-pytorch Pytorch implementation for Semantic Segmentation/Scene Parsing on MIT ADE20K dataset 598


reactjs/react-basic A description of the conceptual model of React without implementation burden. 2728


leinardi/FloatingActionButtonSpeedDial Android library providing an implementation of the Material Design Floating Action Button Speed Dial pattern. 79


floyernick/Data-Structures-and-Algorithms Data Structures and Algorithms implementation in Go 165


ontio/ontology Official Go implementation of the Ontology protocol. 108


Git hunter - best free github source code