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btwael/SuperString A fast and memory-optimized string library for C++ 113


KonradIT/gopro-py-api Unofficial GoPro API Library for Python - connect to HERO3/3+/4/5/+/6 via WiFi. 437


mesalock-linux/mesalink MesaLink is a memory-safe and OpenSSL-compatible TLS library. 261


Prodicode/ann-visualizer A python library for visualizing Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) 66


leinardi/FloatingActionButtonSpeedDial Android library providing an implementation of the Material Design Floating Action Button Speed Dial pattern. 79


tensorflow/hub A library for transfer learning by reusing parts of TensorFlow models. 79


glouw/tinn The tiny neural network library 101


tensorflow/tfjs A WebGL accelerated, browser based JavaScript library for training and deploying ML models. 695


mdbloice/Augmentor Image augmentation library in Python for machine learning. 967


AAChartModel/AAChartKit An elegant and friendly chart library for iOS . Powerful,support the column chart、bar chart、area chart、areaspline chart、line chart、spline chart、radar chart、polar chart、pie chart、bubble chart、pyramid chart、funnel chart、columnrange chart and other graphics.æž...


pelle/cloth Simple Ethereum library for Clojure(Script) 113


braposo/graphql-css A blazing fast CSS-in-GQLâ„¢ library. 188


JoshuaWise/better-sqlite3 The fastest and simplest library for SQLite3 in Node.js. 431


kentcdodds/react-testing-library Simple and complete React DOM testing utilities that encourage good testing practices. 316


mrkgnao/silica optics library with the most amazing type errors you''ve seen 54


nhnent/tui.chart 🍞🍯 TOAST UI Chart: Beautiful Statistical Data Visualization library 304


snipsco/snips-nlu Snips Python library to extract meaning from text 592


redox-os/relibc C Library in Rust for Redox and Linux (WIP) 337


Ni55aN/d3-node-editor JavaScript library for visual programming 207


deepmipt/DeepPavlov An open source library for building end-to-end dialog systems and training chatbots. 358


walck/learn-physics A library of functions for vector calculus, calculation of electric field, electric flux, magnetic field, and other quantities in mechanics and electromagnetic theory. 70


kelseyhightower/envconfig Golang library for managing configuration data from environment variables 1201


curl/curl A command line tool and library for transferring data with URL syntax, supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, GOPHER, TFTP, SCP, SFTP, SMB, TELNET, DICT, LDAP, LDAPS, FILE, IMAP, SMTP, POP3, RTSP and RTMP. libcurl offers a myriad of powerful...


ecomfe/echarts A powerful, interactive charting and visualization library for browser 23768


MichaelJWelsh/cdsa A library of generic intrusive data structures and algorithms in ANSI C 272


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