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btwael/SuperString A fast and memory-optimized string library for C++ 113


dreymonde/Delegated 👷‍♀️ Closure-based delegation without memory leaks 370


mesalock-linux/mesalink MesaLink is a memory-safe and OpenSSL-compatible TLS library. 261


ufrisk/pcileech Direct Memory Access (DMA) Attack Software 975


agnusmaximus/Word2Bits Quantized word vectors that take 8x-16x less storage/memory than regular word vectors 459


Tencent/LKImageKit A high-performance image framework, including a series of capabilities such as image views, image downloader, memory caches, disk caches, image decoders and image processors. 155


Restream/reindexer Embeddable, in-memory, document-oriented database with a high-level Query builder interface. 158


openai/gradient-checkpointing Make huge neural nets fit in memory 540


krzysztofzablocki/LifetimeTracker Find retain cycles / memory leaks sooner. 112


CCareaga/heap_allocator A simple heap memory allocator in ~200 lines. 263


KDE/heaptrack A heap memory profiler for Linux 271


milostosic/MTuner MTuner is a C/C++ memory profiler and memory leak finder for Windows, PS4, PS3, etc. 209


nomemory/mockneat MockNeat is a Java 8+ library that facilitates the generation of arbitrary data for your applications. 96


vah13/extractTVpasswords tool to extract passwords from TeamViewer memory using Frida 101


stackimpact/stackimpact-python StackImpact Python Agent - Production Profiler: CPU, memory allocations, exceptions, metrics, and more 258


team-supercharge/ShimmerLayout Memory efficient shimmering effect for Android applications by Supercharge. 155


LiveAsynchronousVisualizedArchitecture/simdb A high performance, shared memory, lock free, cross platform, single file, no dependencies, C++11 key-value store 50


c-cube/datalog An in-memory datalog implementation for OCaml. 125


libeclipse/memguard A library that handles sensitive values in memory. 100


brockwhittaker/BitArray.js This is a memory efficient implementation of bit flag arrays in JavaScript. 54


rampantpixels/rpmalloc Public domain cross platform lock free thread caching 16-byte aligned memory allocator implemented in C 230


n1nj4sec/pupy Pupy is an opensource, multi-platform (Windows, Linux, OSX, Android), multi function RAT (Remote Administration Tool) mainly written in python. It features a all-in-memory execution guideline and leaves very low footprint. Pupy can communicate using various transports, migrate into processes (reflective injection), load remote python code, python...


hashicorp/go-memdb Golang in-memory database built on immutable radix trees 503


andywer/leakage 🐛 Memory leak testing for node. 90


IntelLabs/pWord2Vec Parallelizing word2vec in shared and distributed memory 66


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