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stealth/opmsg opmsg message encryption 639


Lackoftactics/facebook_data_analyzer Analyze facebook copy of your data. Download zip file from facebook and get info about friends ranking by message, vocabulary, contacts, friends added statistics and more 109


OptimalBits/bull Premium package for handling jobs and messages in NodeJS. 2555


ValveSoftware/GameNetworkingSockets Reliable & unreliable messages over UDP. Message fragmentation & reassembly, bandwidth estimation, encryption. 567


marcdacosta/ambient-shipping This repo contains utilities for capturing AIS messages and joining them with shipping records. 280


hasinhayder/themeforest-wp-theme-approval-checklist A comprehensive list of rejection messages which you should avoid to get your WordPress theme approved quickly in Themeforest 83


drakeet/Floo An URL router supporting AOP, stack control, cross-page message, and dynamic routing. 65


n1try/telegram-middleman-bot A Telegram bot which translates push messages sent as simple HTTP calls into Telegram messages you can subscribe to. 196


lukeed/webpack-messages Beautifully format Webpack messages throughout your bundle lifecycle(s)! 72


matryer/vice Go channels at horizontal scale (powered by message queues) 90


hammerandchisel/manifold Fast batch message passing between nodes for Erlang/Elixir. 221


genkgo/mail Library to send e-mails over different transports and protocols using immutable messages and streams 161


slashsBin/styleguide-git-commit-message /sBin/StyleGuide/Git/CommitMessage 413


liuguangqiang/CookieBar CookieBar is a lightweight library for showing a brief message at the top or bottom of the screen. 86


stojanovic/alexa-message-builder Simple message builder for Alexa replies. 48


gbevin/SendMIDI Multi-platform command-line tool to send out MIDI messages 33


ayushoriginal/RedMacDB The NEXT-GENERATION Resilient, Elastic, Distributed, Message Driven and Concurrent Reactive Storage Service 62


atpaino/deep-text-correcter Deep learning models trained to correct input errors in short, message-like text 86


uber/cherami-server Distributed, scalable, durable, and highly available message queue system. 160


antirez/disque Disque is a distributed message broker 5740


matrixxun/MaterialBadgeTextView As the name describes, this is an Android library that you can use to show new messages badge and new features badge. 164


carloscuesta/gitmoji An emoji guide for your commit messages. 😜 301


mikaa123/imapmq :inbox_tray: IMAP based message broker client 141


whitesmith/hawkpost Generate links that users can use to submit messages encrypted with your public key. 403


Brudigem/DropDownWarning Drop down message 125


Git hunter - best free github source code