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danistefanovic/build-your-own-x 🤓 Build your own (insert technology here) 47067


YaroslavGaponov/node-jvm java virtual machine in pure node.js 1780


narative/gatsby-theme-novela Welcome to Novela, the simplest way to start publishing with Gatsby. 135


snovvcrash/usbrip Simple command line forensics tool for tracking USB device artifacts (history of USB events) on GNU/Linux 282


capitanov/dsp-theory Theory of digital signal processing (DSP): signals, filtration (IIR, FIR, CIC, MAF), transforms (FFT, DFT, Hilbert, Z-transform) ...


peter-gribanov/clean-code-php :bathtub: :ru: Концепции Чистого Кода, адаптированные для PHP 276...


Gebiuncle/Novel 基于vuecli的vue全家桶项目 3


sb2nov/mac-setup Installing Development environment on Mac OS X 3034


cujanovic/SSRF-Testing SSRF (Server Side Request Forgery) testing resources 110


kris-nova/kubicorn Simple kubernetes infrastructure as a library 75


artemnovichkov/iOS-11-by-Examples Examples of new iOS 11 APIs 486


DreamingInBinary/UIDebuggingInformationOverlay A simple category to toggle the UIKit debugger tucked away inside of UIKit''s private headers. 54


davestewart/laravel-sketchpad An innovative front-end environment for interactive Laravel development 121


ISosnovik/nets Welcome to the Academy of Arts 32


saoudrizwan/CardSlider Innovative twist to Tinder cards for iOS. 108


stojanovic/alexa-message-builder Simple message builder for Alexa replies. 48


dunovank/jupyter-themes Custom Jupyter Notebook Themes 956


presidential-innovation-fellows/code-gov-web Federal Source Code policy implementation. 183


github/game-off-2016 GitHub''s month-long game jam :video_game: November 2016 149


DmitryUlyanov/Multicore-TSNE Parallel t-SNE implementation with Python and Torch wrappers. 118


rpominov/fun-task An abstraction for managing asynchronous code in JS 65


shagabutdinov/sublime-enhanced Set of plugins for beloved sublime text editor 635


vfaronov/httpolice Lint for HTTP requests and responses 410


Xiaofei-it/Hermes A smart, novel and easy-to-use framework for Android Inter-Process Communication (IPC). (简单易用的安卓进程间通信IPC框架) 175


Cr4sh/ThinkPwn Lenovo ThinkPad System Management Mode arbitrary code execution 0day exploit 250


Git hunter - best free github source code