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newyjp/JPVideoPlayer Automatic play video & cache video data in UITableView like Weibo and Douyin. 974


wasdk/WebAssemblyStudio Learn, Teach, Work and Play in the WebAssembly Studio 373


McoyJiang/Android-WebP this is a demo showing how to display WebP image on Android using framesequence & libgif & libwebp 129


videojs/video.js Video.js - open source HTML5 & Flash video player 19749


GoogleCloudPlatform/agones Dedicated Game Server Hosting and Scaling for Multiplayer Games on Kubernetes 239


Genymobile/scrcpy Display and control your Android device 230


wb14123/seq2seq-couplet Play couplet with seq2seq model. 46


yacir/CollectionViewSlantedLayout UICollectionViewLayout subclass to display slanted content 479


easyworld/PlayJumpJumpWithMouse 用鼠标玩微信跳一跳 69


evrencoskun/TableView TableView is a powerful Android library for displaying complex data structures and rendering tabular data composed of rows, columns and cells. 167


vaniacer/piu-piu-SH This is an Old School horisontal scroller ''Shoot Them All'' game in bash. With co-op mode. You have to defeat 100 aliens to fight with Boss. To play in co-op mode first, start the server, then start the client. Terminals on both hosts...


Codeusa/SteamCleaner :us: A PC utility for restoring disk space from various game clients like Origin, Steam, Uplay, Battle.net, GoG and Nexon :us: 1049


joshuathompson/baton CLI / TUI to remotely manage Spotify playback 82


Jewel Explode
Jewel Explode Swap jewels on the field and match at least 3 same-colored stones to explode them! Can you complete all 60 levels?Category:match-3PLAY NOW


Elsa Jewels
Elsa Jewels Combine at least 3 identical jewels to remove them from the field in this magical Match 3 game!Category:match-3PLAY NOW


Baked Apples - Cooking with Emma
Baked Apples - Cooking with Emma Find out how to prepare Baked Apples with this new game of series Cooking with Emma! Help Emma with every step and read the whole recipe at the end!Category:girls,cookingPLAY NOW


Amanda True Make Up
Amanda True Make Up Be a trendsetter and pick the perfect styling for actress Amanda in this girl game of the True Make Up Series.Category:girls,make-upPLAY NOW


yyued/SVGAPlayer-Android Render After Effects / Animate CC (Flash) animations natively on Android and iOS, Web. 使用 SVGAPlayer 在 Android、iOS、Web中播放 After Effects / Animate CC (Flash) 动画。 177


alexaubry/BulletinBoard Generate and Display Bottom Card Interfaces on iOS 120


graphcool/graphql-playground 🎮 GraphQL IDE for better development workflows (GraphQL Subscriptions, interactive docs & collaboration) 324


KingJA/LoadSir A lightweight, good expandability Android library used for displaying different pages like loading, error, empty, timeout or even your custom page when you...


sgoedecke/socket-io-game Building a multiplayer online game with socket.io 134


SerpentAI/SerpentAI Game Agent Framework. Helping you create AIs / Bots to play any game you own! BETA 748


pshah123/OverThere Pebble app that generates suggestions for nearby places based on category chosen. Also features a beacon system for businesses: start a server with some formatted text menus for example, the beacon will get picked up by OverHere and the watch will display your menu. 121


wangyu-/udp2raw-tunnel A UDP Tunnel which tunnels UDP via FakeTCP/UDP/ICMP Traffic by using Raw Socket,helps you Bypass UDP FireWalls(or Unstable UDP Environment).Its Encrpyted,Anti-Replay and Multiplexed.It aslo acts as a Connection Stablizer. 403


Git hunter - best free github source code