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didi/mpx Mpx - An enhanced miniprogram framework with data reactivity and deep optimizition. 1492


DanielDe/org-web org-mode on the web, built with React, optimized for mobile, synced with Dropbox and Google Drive 565


mitchazj/favourite-react-hooks 😍📚 Library / Quick-Access list of React hooks that I love 106


Autodesk/react-base-table A react table component to display large datasets with high performance and flexibility 168


facebook/hermes Hermes is a small and lightweight JavaScript engine optimized for running React Native on Android. 849


framer/motion Open source, production-ready animation and gesture library for React 322


molefrog/wouter ⛸ A minimalistic ~1KB routing for React and Preact. Nothing else but HOOKS. 1184


Webiny/webiny-js Serverless CMS (GraphQL + React) 1324


Mongkii/RMind 基于 React Hooks 与 flex 布局,实现了大部分功能的思维导图。 / An almost-full-function Mindmap web app developed with only React Hooks and flex layout. 107


mattermost/mattermost-server Open source Slack-alternative in Golang and React - Mattermost 15349


bluebill1049/react-hook-form 📋 React custom hook for form validation without the hassle 675


shinima/battle-city 🎮 [WIP] Battle city remake built with react. 176


wojtekmaj/react-lifecycle-methods-diagram Interactive React lifecycle methods diagram. 273


reactjs/react-basic A description of the conceptual model of React without implementation burden. 2728


emergentbit/FirebaseReactAuthBoilerplate A boilerplate react app with Firebase auth Google oauth2 provider 60


yogaboll/react-kanban A Trello-like application built with React and Redux. Take a look at the live website: 74


sw-yx/fresh-async-react Fresh 🍅 links about the coming async react revolution!! 82


pedronauck/react-adopt :sunglasses: Compose render props components like a pro 96


drcmda/react-spring 🙌 Helping react-motion and animated to become best friends 582


rnosov/react-reveal Easily add reveal on scroll animations to your React app 536


react-native-training/react-native-elements Cross Platform React Native UI Toolkit 10045


hasura/react-native-auth-boilerplate A react native boilerplate with authentication already implemented 117


pinterest/gestalt A set of React UI components that supports Pinterest’s design language 366


kentcdodds/react-testing-library Simple and complete React DOM testing utilities that encourage good testing practices. 316


reactions/fetch React Suspense-Ready Fetch Component 201


Git hunter - best free github source code