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shinima/battle-city 🎮 [WIP] Battle city remake built with react. 176


wojtekmaj/react-lifecycle-methods-diagram Interactive React lifecycle methods diagram. 273


reactjs/react-basic A description of the conceptual model of React without implementation burden. 2728


emergentbit/FirebaseReactAuthBoilerplate A boilerplate react app with Firebase auth Google oauth2 provider 60


yogaboll/react-kanban A Trello-like application built with React and Redux. Take a look at the live website: 74


sw-yx/fresh-async-react Fresh 🍅 links about the coming async react revolution!! 82


pedronauck/react-adopt :sunglasses: Compose render props components like a pro 96


drcmda/react-spring 🙌 Helping react-motion and animated to become best friends 582


rnosov/react-reveal Easily add reveal on scroll animations to your React app 536


react-native-training/react-native-elements Cross Platform React Native UI Toolkit 10045


hasura/react-native-auth-boilerplate A react native boilerplate with authentication already implemented 117


pinterest/gestalt A set of React UI components that supports Pinterest’s design language 366


kentcdodds/react-testing-library Simple and complete React DOM testing utilities that encourage good testing practices. 316


reactions/fetch React Suspense-Ready Fetch Component 201


hexacta/didact A DIY guide to build your own React 234


giginet/RxSpriteKit Reactive Extensions for SpriteKit :space_invader: 86


brunnolou/react-morph Morphing Ui transitions made simple 670


mzabriskie/react-draggable React draggable component 2541


nozzle/react-static ⚛️ 🚀 A progressive static site generator for React. 3633


M-Izadmehr/react-slider-kit react-slider-kit is going to be a comprehensive solution to slider feature in react. 141


callstack/react-native-paper Material Design for React Native (Android & iOS) 449



rwieruch/react-graphql-github-apollo A React + Apollo + GraphQL GitHub Client 97


borela/naomi Sublime Text enhanced syntax highlighting for JavaScript ES6/ES7/ES2015/ES2016/ES2017+, Babel, FlowType, React JSX, Styled Components, HTML5, SCSS3, PHP 7, phpDoc, PHPUnit, MQL4. Basic: Git config files. 130


lyft/react-javascript-to-typescript-transform Convert React JavaScript code to TypeScript with proper typing 497


Git hunter - best free github source code