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Git hunter - best free github source code rust

ixy-languages/ixy-languages A high-speed network driver written in C, Rust, Go, C#, Java, OCaml, Haskell, Swift, Javascript, and Python...


goproxy/ The most trusted Go module proxy in China. 995


EmbarkStudios/texture-synthesis 🎨 Example-based texture synthesis written in Rust 🦀 126


hecrj/iced A renderer-agnostic GUI library for Rust, inspired by Elm 261


caelunshun/feather An experimental Minecraft server implementation in Rust 122


fishinabarrel/linux-kernel-module-rust Framework for writing Linux kernel modules in safe Rust 311


cloudhead/rx Modern pixel editor implemented in rust 88


nushell/nushell A modern shell written in Rust 1426


apm-ai/koala :koala: Koala is a next-generation APM backend for @open-telemetry, written in go and rust 1116


ruffle-rs/ruffle A Flash Player emulator written in Rust 191


async-rs/async-std Async version of the Rust standard library 104


rustasync/surf Surf the web 103


CianLR/mazegen-rs A maze generator written in rust 54


ArgusHQ/wagyu Rust library for generating cryptocurrency wallets 179


ralfbiedert/ Rust Language Cheat Sheet - 550


artichoke/artichoke 💎 Artichoke is a Ruby made with Rust 501


bbodi/rustarok Multiplayer, fast-paced Moba style game 44


ivanceras/sauron-native Truly cross platform, truly native. multiple backend GUI for rust 301


vertexclique/bastion Bastion: Fault-tolerant Runtime for Rust applications 135


andygrove/ballista PoC of distributed compute platform using Rust, Apache Arrow, and Kubernetes! 155


microsoft/lain A fuzzer framework built in Rust 172


denoland/deno A secure JavaScript/TypeScript runtime built with V8, Rust, and Tokio 36086


adobe/ferrum Features from the rust language in javascript: Provides Traits/Type classes & an advanced library for working with sequences/...


brave/adblock-rust Rust-based adblock engine prototype 112


neon-bindings/neon Rust bindings for writing safe and fast native Node.js modules. 2214


Git hunter - best free github source code