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Kong/kuma 🐻 Universal Control Plane for your Service Mesh 182


containous/maesh Simpler Service Mesh 169


GoogleCloudPlatform/microservices-demo Sample cloud-native application with 10 microservices showcasing Kubernetes, Istio, gRPC and OpenCensus. Provided for illustration and demo purposes. 5546


krestaino/my-dash 🔢 A developer friendly dashboard for monitoring your self-hosted services with a clean and modern UI. 46


eko/monday ⚡️ A dev tool for microservice developers that run local applications and/or forward some others from Kubernetes or over SSH 108


jeffknupp/sandman2 Automatically generate a RESTful API service for your legacy database. No code required! 1179


sqshq/piggymetrics Microservice Architecture with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud and Docker 6563


nickspaargaren/pihole-google Completely block Google and its services 196


hashicorp/vault A tool for secrets management, encryption as a service, and privileged access management 12989


spinnaker/kayenta Automated Canary Service 97


nikitavoloboev/privacy-respecting 🔐 Curated List of Privacy Respecting Services and Software 353


lileio/lile Easily generate gRPC services in Go ⚡️ 521


Microsoft/service-fabric Service Fabric is a distributed systems platform for packaging, deploying, and managing stateless and stateful distributed applications and containers at large scale. 1076


StreisandEffect/streisand Streisand sets up a new server running your choice of L2TP/IPsec, OpenConnect, OpenSSH, OpenVPN, Shadowsocks, sslh, Stunnel, a Tor bridge, and WireGuard. It also generates custom instructions for all of these services. At the end of the run you are given an...


zalando/skipper An HTTP router and reverse proxy for service composition 792


apache/incubator-openwhisk Apache OpenWhisk is a serverless event-based programming service and an Apache Incubator project. 2667


twitchtv/twirp A simple RPC framework with protobuf service definitions 355


1backend/1backend Run your web apps with the ease of git repos. Build reusable microservices and functions. 867


gencebay/httplive HTTP Request & Response Service, Mock HTTP 124


pvdlg/env-ci Get environment variables exposed by CI services 41


rgamba/postman Reverse proxy for async microservice communication 36


reindexio/reindex-api GraphQL backend as a service 130


Chippd/mydevportfolio-optin a public repo for users to opt in to mydevportfolio service 55


brpc/brpc Most common RPC framework used throughout Baidu, with 600,000+ instances and 500+ kinds of services, called "baidu-rpc" inside Baidu. 168


facebook-atom/atom-ide-ui A collection of Atom UIs to support the Language Service Protocol. 96


Git hunter - best free github source code