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ozkl/soso A Simple Unix-like operating system 192


sampotts/plyr A simple HTML5, YouTube and Vimeo player 14935


Swizec/useAuth The simplest way to add authentication to your React app. Handles everything for you. Users, login forms, redirects, sharing state between components. Everything 764


containous/maesh Simpler Service Mesh 169


chakra-ui/chakra-ui ⚡️Simple, Modular & Accessible UI Components for your React Applications 249


yimengfan/BDFramework.Core [中]Simple! Easy! Beautiful! This‘s a powerful Unity3d game workflow! [Unity3d framework] 604


PlatformLab/NanoLog Nanolog is an extremely performant nanosecond scale logging system for C++ that exposes a simple printf-like API. 316


Qihoo360/Quicksql Simpler, Safer, Faster Unified SQL Analytics Engine for Multi-Datasources 591


gokadin/ai-simplest-network The simplest form of an artificial neural network explained and demonstrated. 69


Simonwep/pickr 🍭 Flat, simple, multi-themed, responsive and hackable Color-Picker library. No dependencies, no jQuery. Compatible with all CSS Frameworks e.g. Bootstrap, Materialize. Supports alpha channel, rgba, hsla, hsva and more! 2270


amborle/featmap The simple user story mapping tool 184


aquasecurity/trivy A Simple and Comprehensive Vulnerability Scanner for Containers, Suitable for CI 1892


vadimdemedes/reconciled ⚛️ Simple way to create a custom React renderer 84


wyounas/homer Homer, a text analyser in Python, can help make your text more clear, simple and useful for your readers. 233


alexmojaki/heartrate Simple real time visualisation of the execution of a Python program. 133


narative/gatsby-theme-novela Welcome to Novela, the simplest way to start publishing with Gatsby. 135


ankur-anand/simple-go-rpc RPC explained by writing simple RPC framework in 300 lines of pure Golang. 185


sqshq/sampler A tool for shell commands execution, visualization and alerting. Configured with a simple YAML file. 477


bdring/midTbot_esp32 A Small and Simple Pen Plotter 79


snovvcrash/usbrip Simple command line forensics tool for tracking USB device artifacts (history of USB events) on GNU/Linux 282


jedisct1/dsvpn A Dead Simple VPN. 306


christianvoigt/argdown a simple syntax for complex argumentation 242


IntrinsicLabs/osgood Osgood is a secure, fast, and simple platform for running JavaScript HTTP servers. 288


exoframejs/exoframe Exoframe is a self-hosted tool that allows simple one-command deployments using Docker 711


johnfactotum/foliate A simple and modern GTK eBook reader 561


Git hunter - best free github source code