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CanonicalLtd/dqlite Distributed SQLite for Go applications 464


fzerorubigd/goql A golang source code scanner, this time in sql :) 179


djrobstep/migra Like diff but for PostgreSQL schemas 453


wuyouzhuguli/FEBS Spring Boot & Shiro 权限管理系统(master分支为Oracle11g版本,mysql分支为MySQL5.7版本) 132


JoshuaWise/better-sqlite3 The fastest and simplest library for SQLite3 in Node.js. 431


uber/queryparser Parsing and analysis of Vertica, Hive, and Presto SQL. 225


dbcli/mycli A Terminal Client for MySQL with AutoCompletion and Syntax Highlighting. 5120


mbdavid/LiteDB LiteDB - A .NET NoSQL Document Store in a single data file - www.litedb.org 2217


HVF/franchise 🍟 a notebook sql client. what you get when have a lot of sequels. 472


cstack/db_tutorial Writing a sqlite clone from scratch in C 347


confluentinc/ksql KSQL - a Streaming SQL Engine for Apache Kafka 323


jarulraj/sqlcheck Automatically identify anti-patterns in SQL queries 219


rspeele/Rezoom.SQL Statically typechecks a common SQL dialect and translates it to various RDBMS backends 137


uwdb/Cosette Cosette is an automated SQL solver powered by Coq and Rosette. 173


kreeben/resin Embedded zero config NoSQL database and search engine with concurrent read/write. 214


probcomp/bayeslite BayesDB on SQLite. A Bayesian database table for querying the probable implications of data as easily as SQL databases query the data itself. 523


nuveo/prest Serve a RESTful API from any PostgreSQL database 616


farmerx/ElasticHD Elasticsearch 可视化DashBoard, 支持Es监控、实时搜索,Index template快捷替换修改,索引列表信息查看, SQL converts to DSL等 181


rqlite/rqlite The lightweight, distributed relational database built on SQLite. 2720


ivoras/daisy A private blockchain where blocks are SQLite databases, in Go 308


runfalk/spans Spans is a pure Python implementation of PostgreSQL''s range types. 61


bitnine-oss/agensgraph AgensGraph, a transactional graph database based on PostgreSQL 224


mariusandra/insights Self-hosted "SQL-not-required" data analytics and visualisation tool. 284


kshvmdn/fsql Search through your filesystem with SQL-esque queries. 432


google/lovefield Lovefield is a relational database for web apps. Written in JavaScript, works cross-browser. Provides SQL-like APIs that are fast, safe, and easy to use. 5300


Git hunter - best free github source code