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skyweb07/Snap.swift Snapshot testing in a snap 🎨 351

torvalds/uemacs Random version of microemacs with my private modificatons 120

apex/gateway Drop-in replacement for Go net/http when running in AWS Lambda & API Gateway 64

wesbos/css-grid Starter Files + Solutions to my Course 125

cuba-platform/cuba CUBA Platform is a high level framework for enterprise applications development 344

aklomp/base64 Fast Base64 stream encoder/decoder in C99, with SIMD acceleration 253


census-instrumentation/opencensus-go A stats collection and distributed tracing framework 276

snyk/snyk CLI and build-time tool to find & fix known vulnerabilities in open-source dependencies 812

Restream/reindexer Embeddable, in-memory, document-oriented database with a high-level Query builder interface. 158

kelseyhightower/envconfig Golang library for managing configuration data from environment variables 1201

jedisct1/piknik Copy/paste anything over the network 667


1j01/jspaint 🎨 Classic MS Paint, REVIVED + ✨Extras 1062

luna/luna Luna programming language 1043

SeanDragon/protools 历经开发周期两年,并且应用过千万级别项目的工具箱 88

0xxd0/objc4 A buildable latest Objective-C runtime objc4 (objc 723) project. 82

FeeiCN/GSIL Github Sensitive Information Leakage(Github敏感信息泄露) 350


ElementsProject/lightning-charge A simple drop-in solution for accepting lightning payments 137

spatie/laravel-query-builder Easily build Eloquent queries from API requests 191

JakeWharton/SdkSearch An Android app for searching the Android SDK documentation. 488

graphcool/prisma ⚡️ Prisma turns your database into a realtime GraphQL API 4707

uber-common/deep-neuroevolution Deep Neuroevolution 180


curl/curl A command line tool and library for transferring data with URL syntax, supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS...

svenstaro/genact :cyclone: A nonsense activity generator 471

fulldecent/system-bus-radio Transmits AM radio on computers without radio transmitting hardware. 3552

econti/cs229 Stanford CS229 (Autumn 2017) 131

Git hunter - best free github source code