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android code project tool fast library simple list react data automatic implementation verification game guide app time framework opensource build service images mobile gui configuration icon version dns database memory cloudkit endtoend learning twitter swift nice written book collection image asyncio aws resources disassembler management message play safety easy entire lambda host uikit coding safe creation github dice command based ultra tools api sitting tree reconnaissance schema boilerplate speed pull locating claims accounts profiles authentication playback blog ajax commenting built content companion rust jobs secret background 为android学习é¹ç®ï¼œå°å­¦ä¹ androidçšèç¨ä¸­çšæè ruby manipulating androidstudydemo handle gun structured tokens user noncontiguous space sql roles

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rwieruch/react-graphql-github-apollo A React + Apollo + GraphQL GitHub Client 97

gruns/icecream Sweet and creamy print debugging. 412

BohdanOrlov/iOS-Developer-Roadmap Roadmap to becoming an iOS developer in 2018. 137

jhuangtw-dev/xg2xg by ex-googlers, for ex-googlers 128

antonmedv/finder CSS Selector Generator 🗺 99

dbousamra/hnes NES Emulator written in Haskell 132


Marten4n6/EvilOSX A pure python, post-exploitation, RAT (Remote Administration Tool) for macOS / OSX. 120

mfitzp/15-minute-apps 15 minute (small) desktop apps built with PyQt 162

lukeed/deepset A tiny (135B) utility for safely writing deep Object values~! 168

git-chglog/git-chglog CHANGELOG generator implemented in Go (Golang). 78

976500133/FETopic 🔥the interview experience,The extension of the object prototype, some common types of expansion, here is everything you need, including the audio🔥 183


duo-labs/cloudmapper CloudMapper creates network diagrams of AWS environments 176

amitmerchant1990/how-products-got-their-name Collection of products/projects and the stories of how they got their name 121

airtap/airtap Test your JavaScript in 800+ browsers. 187

znuh/frivpn multithreaded openvpn client (WIP) 220

jupyterlab/jupyterlab JupyterLab computational environment. 3627


zricethezav/gitleaks Searches full repo history for secrets and keys 🔑 351

maxchehab/CSS-Keylogging Chrome extension and Express server that exploits keylogging abilities of CSS. 617

octref/polacode 📸 Polaroid for your code 1875

arialdomartini/Back-End-Developer-Interview-Questions A list of back-end related questions you can be inspired from to interview potential candidates, test yourself or completely ignore 4474

kriadmin/30-seconds-of-python-code Python implementation of 30-seconds-of-code 117


electerious/basicScroll Standalone parallax scrolling for mobile and desktop with CSS variables. 671

bradley/Blotter A JavaScript API for drawing unconventional text effects on the web. 1257

cbdevnet/midimonster Multi-protocol translation software (ArtNet, MIDI, OSC, ...) 86

bfirsh/jsnes A JavaScript NES emulator. 3301

Git hunter - best free github source code