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ptitSeb/box86 Box86 - Linux Userspace x86 Emulator with a twist, targeted at ARM Linux devices 183


Swizec/useAuth The simplest way to add authentication to your React app. Handles everything for you. Users, login forms, redirects, sharing state between components. Everything...


userdashboard/dashboard Dashboard is software for creating web apps and SaaS 153


amborle/featmap The simple user story mapping tool 184


thomasdavis/blockbid-ccxt-tutorials Helping our users understand how to trade programatically. 287


ananas-analytics/ananas-desktop A hackable data integration & analysis tool to enable non technical users to edit data processing jobs and visualise data on demand. 190


valord577/shadowsocksr-refactor ShadowsocksR refactored from branch ''manyuser''. 48


geduo83/FlyCloud 🔥🔥🔥FlyClould 微服务实战项目框架,在该框架中,包括了用 Spring Cloud 构建微服务的一系列基本组件和框架,对于后台服务框架的搭建有很大的参考价值,大家可以参考甚至稍加修改可以直接应用于自己的实际的项目开发中,该项目没有采用Maven进行项ç...


luksamuk/powerlisp Common Lisp tool for automating tasks for Unix power-users. 104


sherlock-project/sherlock 🔎 Find usernames across social networks 3827


singhbhavneet/chat_app A flutter chat app built with firestore. It is clone of messenger.User can create stories,chat and search in real time. 76


SumeetMoray/Nearby-Shops-End-User-Android-app Open Source Food Delivery and Hyperlocal Platform 363


urbainvaes/vim-remembrall For forgetful vim users 44


kamranahmedse/driver.js A light-weight, no-dependency, vanilla JavaScript engine to drive the user''s focus across the page 57


GenesisCommunity/go-genesis A blockchain platform with a simplified programming language. 85% of all tokens will be distributed for free among GitHub users. 1491


terkelg/prompts Lightweight, beautiful and user-friendly interactive prompts 682


sharkdp/fd A simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to find. 4343


joshua-wu/deepfakes_faceswap from deekfakes'' faceswap: 728


emmericp/ixy Simple userspace packet processing for educational purposes 🎓 159


google/netstack IPv4 and IPv6 userland network stack 1524


iammert/ScalingLayout With Scaling Layout scale your layout on user interaction. 32


KrauseFx/detect.location An easy way to access the user''s iOS location data without actually having access 281


tonybeltramelli/pix2code pix2code: Generating Code from a Graphical User Interface Screenshot 6951


Chippd/mydevportfolio-optin a public repo for users to opt in to mydevportfolio service 55


KrauseFx/whats-the-user-doing Raising awareness of what you can do with a smartphones gyro sensors 100


Git hunter - best free github source code