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Parris, the automated training tool for machine learning algorithms. 01/01/2018


Automate your code reviews with custom syntactic rules 10/03/2017


Codemod is a tool/library to assist you with large-scale codebase refactors that can be partially automated but still require human oversight and occasional intervention. Codemod was developed at Facebook and released as open source. 08/23/2017


Cosette is an automated SQL solver powered by Coq and Rosette. 07/20/2017


This guide should help fellow researchers and hobbyists to easily automate and accelerate there deep leaning training with their own Kubernetes GPU cluster. 06/11/2017


Stephanie is an open-source platform built specifically for voice-controlled applications as well as to automate daily tasks imitating much of an virtual assistant''s work. 06/11/2017


Automated deep neural network design via genetic programming 05/24/2017


A comparison between some VPS providers. It uses Ansible to perform a series of automated benchmark tests over the VPS servers that you specify. It allows the reproducibility of those tests by anyone that wanted to compare these results to their own. All the tests results are available in order to provide independence and transparency. 05/02/2017


Tool for non-developers and business users to automate web apps 02/18/2017


Corda is a distributed ledger platform designed to record, manage and automate legal agreements between business partners. Designed by (and for) the world''s largest financial institutions, it offers a unique response to the privacy and scalability challenges facing decentralised applications. 11/30/2016


DMIV aims to provide a flexible and customizable instrument for automated images moving on display. It provides scroll, gyroscope or time based moving. But you can create your own evaluator. 11/09/2016


A fast, straightforward, reliable tool for performing massive, automated code refactoring 08/24/2016


Shellphish''s automated exploitation engine, originally created for the Cyber Grand Challenge. 08/21/2016


The easiest way to automate building and releasing your iOS and Android apps 08/18/2016


Automates prefetching of content in UITableView and UICollectionView 06/25/2016


TweetSploit - Marketing Suite allows for a nice and simple interface, from which you can access and automate Twitter 05/15/2016

Git hunter - best free github source code