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Lightweight HTML container element as a controller parent for one or more canvas elements 01/06/2018


The Docker Bench for Security is a script that checks for dozens of common best-practices around deploying Docker containers in production. 12/28/2017


.NET Cli Tool to package your .NET Core Application into a docker container: ''dotnet dockerize'' 10/29/2017


The container native, cloud agnostic serverless platform. 10/03/2017


A small image based on Debian designed for use in containers 09/19/2017


Container introspection tool. Find out what container runtime is being used as well as features available. 08/04/2017


OpenEBS is containerized storage for containers integrated tightly into K8S and other environments and based on distributed block storage and containerization of storage control. OpenEBS derives intent from K8S and other YAML or JSON such as per container QoS SLAs, tiering and replica policies, and more. OpenEBS is EBS API compliant as well. 05/27/2017


A single file container/archive that can be reconstructed even after total loss of file system structures 04/30/2017


Tiny Linux distro that runs the entire OS as Docker containers 04/29/2017


OCI (Open Containers Initiative) compatible runtime for Intel® Architecture 04/18/2017


Moby Project - a collaborative project for the container ecosystem to assemble container-based systems 04/18/2017


A toolkit for building secure, portable and lean operating systems for containers 04/18/2017


Top-like interface for container metrics 03/09/2017


Easy to get started sample reference microservice and container based application (Currently in ALPHA state, ongoing progress, accepting feedback and pull-requests). Cross-platform on Linux and Windows Containers, powered by .NET Core and Docker engine. Supports .CSPROJ with Visual Studio 2017 and also CLI based environments with Docker CLI, dotnet CLI, VS Code or any other code editor 03/07/2017

Git hunter - best free github source code