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The JavaScript motion engine. Create unique animations and interactions with tweens, physics and input tracking. 01/04/2018


Very small and secure a URL-friendly unique ID generator for JavaScript 08/06/2017


Universally Unique Lexicographically Sortable Identifier (ULID) in Go 12/06/2016


Corda is a distributed ledger platform designed to record, manage and automate legal agreements between business partners. Designed by (and for) the world''s largest financial institutions, it offers a unique response to the privacy and scalability challenges facing decentralised applications. 11/30/2016


The Pencil Project''s unique mission is to build a free and opensource tool for making diagrams and GUI prototyping that everyone can use. 11/07/2016


Project Malmo is a platform for Artificial Intelligence experimentation and research built on top of Minecraft. We aim to inspire a new generation of research into challenging new problems presented by this unique environment. 07/08/2016


Snowflake is a network service for generating unique ID numbers at high scale with some simple guarantees. 07/04/2016

Git hunter - best free github source code